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She's Got Wings Fairygram

She's Got Wings Fairygram

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"She's Got Wings Fairygram" is a curated gift box designed to help young lady embrace her first period and journey into womanhood with grace and excitement. Packed with essentials to cater to her every need, this emergency kit empowers her to face the world with confidence. 

Product details: 

  • This treasure trove is packed with daily essentials for personal care including high quality sanitary pads, dental care and delicate hygiene kits.

  • Thoughtful details such as patterned bandages, a colorful pouch, and a card with encouraging messages provide added personalized touch. 

  • This treasure trove celebrates ladies’ newly found wings with grace, offering gentle reminders that she can conquer any challenges with positivity. 


  • 1 cotton zip pouch with prints

  • 4 teen maxi sanitary pads

  • 2 all-in-one face makeup wipes

  • 1 washable wipe

  • 1 antibacterial wipe

  • 2 patterned bandages

  • 2 floss sticks

  • 2 hair elastics

  • 1 nail file

  • 1 greeting card

Delivery information:

  • Door-to-door delivery only. All dogs and other animals must be leashed during the delivery hour.

  • The gift box is normally delivered to a designated address within an hour of the preferred time slot. Deposit in advance to secure specific delivery slots.
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