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Who Are We?

Welcome to the enchanting world of Fairy Godd Shoppers where gifting transcends the ordinary and imagination transforms into
unforgettable experiences that linger in the heart forever.


What We Offer


 Fairygrams are more than just gifts, they are a heartfelt messages of love and encouragement wrapped in enchantment. From the time a child looses their first tooth, til the moment a bestie says "I do!", Our goal is to help celebrate and  encourage that  milestone or special occasion.

Fairy Godd Shoppers Fairygram box


 Fairygrams are designed to uplift and inspire, providing a heartfelt way to celebrate the achievements, milestones, or simply the unique qualities of someone special in your life. It's a gift that goes beyond material items, aiming to create a lasting impact and bring a smile to their face.

Inside each beautifully crafted gift box, you'll find a collection of thoughtful, multifunctional tokens carefully chosen to encourage, motivate, and celebrate the recipient. From inspiring quotes and affirmations to small keepsakes symbolizing their strengths or passions, every item has been selected with purpose and intention.

Imagine the joy on their face as they uncover each treasure, discovering messages of support, love, and admiration. Each item serves as a reminder of their strengths, their accomplishments, and the positive impact they have on the world around them. It's a gift that speaks from the heart, celebrating their journey and encouraging them to continue reaching for their dreams.


 We also specialize in bulk Fairygrams for schools, office settings, events, etc. Contact us for special packages and pricing. Select the prebooking choice and one of our staff will reach out to you withing the wave of a magic wand. 

Please note: please call us for a consultation for all custom orders/bookings.


 Inhouse fairygram great for bulk gifting




Special Appearances

Fairy Godd Shoppers specializes in Spreading ALL holidays cheer so that means we get to work with some pretty legendary figures.

With the swing of a wand Fairy Godd Shoppers will magically appearances with gifts ,games, crafts, and sometimes even a few friends.

Take your pick of appearances from the Easter Bunny, Santa, Grinch and many more.

We have basic packages available starting off at $285.

Diversity is the hallmark of the offerings at Fairy Godd Shoppers. For larger groups, they offer an array of custom fairygram options, each tailored with unique logos and sayings. The magic extends further with engaging activities—read-aloud sessions, fairy wand, crown, and wing making, holiday crafts, fairy photo booths, and a host of imaginative games that captivate hearts young and old alike.

basic packages available starting off at $275.


We're Besties With All Of The Legendaries:

At Fairy headquarters, we get to aid and assist some amazing creatures in their enchanting missions to spread knowledge and cheer!

Each legendary Figures comes equipped with gifting and or an activity to fit the visiting age demographic,

  • Easter Bunny
  • Fairies
  • Cool Santa
  • Mermaids (Coming Summer 2024)
  • Traditional Santa
  • Mother Nature (coming Spring 2024)

Mermaid and Fairy Godd Shoppers Birmingham Alabama

 Easter Bunny at Fairy Godd Shoppers

Fairy Photo Roamer:

The gift of a lasting image can be a magical thing. Fairy Godd Shoppers can capture the right moments with our photo Roamers and enchanted forest photo booth.


Fairygoddshoppers at the magic city mimosa festival 2023.

 Boobs and Bubbly 2023 with Fairy Godd Shoppers and Magic City Collective Birmingham Alabama


Save yourself the time and stress by allowing us to prep one of the most important components of the occasion, the gifts!

 With great attention to detail, our Godd shoppers will insure that each gift is neatly  wrapped and decorated according to your requests.

Businesses, Ask us how we can give your customers or employees the luxury in house experience that they desire.

Gifting starting off as low a $1.45 per person per gift.

 Tailgate Treats for gifting at Fairy Godd Shoppers

Naughty Butt Nice Kettle Corn collaboration with Fairy Godd Shoppers Kettle Corn Fairy Collection


We host a variety of activities for festivals, weddings, corporate parties, schools, and other events.
Activities Include:
  • Legendary Themed activities 
  • Games
  • Group scavenger hunts
  • Book Readings
  • Poke Presents (great for bulk gifting)
...and much more
Fairies and playing by our pop present at Fairy Headquarters

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Special Appearances

Fairy Godd Shoppers will not only bring the gifts to you, we... 


Shop our selection of seasonal and popular Fairygrams! There is a gifting... 

It's About To Get Magical!

Get ready to spread your wings and join us for an enchanting adventure at the first-ever Welcome to Fairy Headquarters Festival!

Step into a world of wonder and creativity as we raise money for the Fairy Headquarters Foundation and celebrate our love for literacy and creativity!

Enjoy enchanting book readings, interactive creative workshops, and a host of whimsical activities for all ages. Let's celebrate the joy of storytelling and the power of imagination together!

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Shop For A Cause

When you purchase from our Shop for a Cause Collection, it's proceeds support a variety of community adventures and celebrations. From magical book readings and creative workshops to enriching trips with our legendary Besties. Your purchases help inspire to create unforgettable experiences allowing individuals to dream big, take flight,and achieve more.

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  • Meet The HFIC!

    Meet The HFIC!

    At the heart of this enchanting venture stands Nadiyah Gulley, an owner with a profound background in the world of creativity and design. With a degree in merchandising and design from...

    Meet The HFIC!

    At the heart of this enchanting venture stands Nadiyah Gulley, an owner with a profound background in the world of creativity and design. With a degree in merchandising and design from...