About Us

Welcome to Fairy Godd Shoppers, your trusted source for all things gifting and cheer!

What started out as a simple mobile gift wrapping company in 2018, has since become a full service gifting and entertainment service provider. We now house a wide variety of products and services, Most of which are sourced and curated via local and minority owned businesses.

In the bustling heart of the Birmingham metro area, a magical realm exists where wishes are granted, and dreams come true. Welcome to the enchanting world of Fairy Godd Shoppers, LLC (FGS), where gifting transcends the ordinary and transforms into unforgettable experiences that linger in the heart forever.


FGS is a whimsical adventure carefully crafted to deliver not just gifts, but cherished memories. The company's mission is to infuse life's moments with enchantment, offering a unique blend of tangible goods and interactive transactions. With a swing of their wands, the Fairy Godd Shoppers appear in full fairy attire, ready to deliver custom gifts, engage in activities, or introduce legendary figures to add an extra touch of magic to life's milestones.

We aren't content with merely presenting gifts; it aspires to create moments that transcend the ordinary. The company's philosophy centers around celebrating major milestones with a touch of magic, adding an element of wonder to the human experience. By focusing on delivering memories and embracing legendary figures, they bridge the gap between reality and the fantastical, giving recipients a reason to believe in the extraordinary.

Our mission will never change! With the  swing of a wand, we'll magically appear bringing gifts and spreading ALL occasions cheer.