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Tooth Fairygram

Tooth Fairygram

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The Tooth Fairygram unveils a huggable Smiley Tooth Fairy plushie to bring comfort and charm, bringing big smiles all year round! Specially curated to promote healthy dental hygiene for your little one or that special grown-up, this gift makes dental care routines a lot more joyous and upbeat!

Product details: 

  • Cavity protection toothpaste for pearly white teeths, complemented by a toothbrush designed for a thorough yet gentle clean.

  • Adorable greeting card will convey your love and good wishes to the kids with a touch of dental humor. 

  • A pack of candy to sweeten the learnings “remember to brush teeth after every meals”! 


  • 1 tooth fairy plushie

  • 1 toothpaste

  • 1 toothbrush

  • 2 stickers

  • 1 packet of candy

  • 1 greeting card

Delivery information:

  • Door-to-door delivery only. All dogs and other animals must be leashed during the delivery hour.

  • The gift box is normally delivered to a designated address within an hour of the preferred time slot. Deposit in advance to secure specific delivery slots.
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