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Fluer the Good Deed Fairy

Fluer the Good Deed Fairy

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Fairy Godd Shoppers would like to start new childhood tradition with the night time Fairy magic of the good deed fairies! Fluer the fairy encourages your child to do good deeds. She comes with a sparkly tulle bag of 10 paper scrolls for your child to write down their good deeds. She also has a secret pocket on the back of her fairy wings to keep a good deed note.

How Belle the Good deed Fairy works:

1. Encourage your child to do a good deed. Help them write down their good deed on the enclosed paper.

2. Insert their good deed in their fairy's pocket, then have your child put their fairy in a special place at night.

3. Through the night the fairy shares your child's good deed with her fairy friends. Your child awakens to find a return note in recognition of their good deed.


Tip: get creative! Encourage imaginative play and a fun, on-going relationship between your child and the fairies. Collect the notes from the fairies as a special keepsake for when they are older!


*encourages empathy

*develops fine motor skills

*gives back



• Made in China

• Dimensions: 8″ (20.3 cm)

• Weight: 8 oz (226.8 g)

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