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Meet Happy Birthday Fairygram

Meet Happy Birthday Fairygram

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Looking for the perfect surprise for a birthday bash? Our Happy Birthday Gift Box, complete with a delightful cake plushie and colorful story book to make hearts melt! This adorable plushie comes with a big smiley face, hands, and feet, ready to hug the birthday child!

Product details: 

  • Colorful gift box opens to reveal a smiley cake plushie embroidered with colorful sprinkles, candle topper, cozy mittens and funky socks. Overloading cuteness.

  • Crafted with premium soft fabric outer lining and wool fillers, this plushie is designed to be irresistibly huggable and give a sense of sweet comfort in every squeeze. 

  • Plushie companion whenever you need a snuggle partner, a confidant, or simply someone to lift spirits. Reminds anyone to celebrate life's little victories, or stay strong with a smile during tough times. 


  • 1 cake plushie

  • 1 story book

  • 1 gift box

  • 1 greeting card

Additional information:

  • Suitable for 3 years and above. 

Delivery information:

  • Door-to-door delivery only. All dogs and other animals must be leashed during the delivery hour.

  • The gift box is normally delivered to a designated address within an hour of the preferred time slot. Deposit in advance to secure specific delivery slots.
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