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Belle the Good Deed Fairy

Belle the Good Deed Fairy

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Kids are inspired to spread kindness with this enchanting purple fairy doll! Fairy Belle carries a tulle bag, to hold a collection of special scrolls. Whenever a kid does something nice or goes out of their way to help someone, they can write it down on the scroll for a little surprise!

Product features:

● Belle's wings conceal a secret hidden pocket. With a gentle tuck, kids can store the
precious scroll behind the fairy's wings before placing the doll back to its usual spot.
● Collect these scrolls as a treasured keepsake, return with a new scroll or even a little gift
for a little fun!
● Belle’s sparkling silver sequin dress and adorned with ballet shoes fit for a dancing fairy
adds an extra touch of charm.
● With vibrant lavender wings, shimmering tutu skirts, and a shining star on Belle’s
forehead, kids can play out endless imagination and creative storylines on their own.

Through this delightful playtime companion, children will experience the joy of sharing kindness.
Whether it's making someone smile, lending a helping hand, or spreading love, Belle the Good
Deed Fairy is here to inspire children to create a better world, one thoughtful act at a time.

● 1 doll with beautiful details
● 1 tulle bag
● 10 paper scrolls
● 1 greeting card
Additional information:
● Dimensions: 8″ (20.3 cm)
● Weight: 8 oz (226.8 g)
● Manufacture: Made in China
Delivery information:
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● Door-to-door delivery only. All dogs and other animals must be leashed during the
delivery hour.
● The gift box is normally delivered to a designated address within an hour of the preferred
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